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Teapot and Banping Sept 2012

Teapot Mountain as seen from Banping Mountain

Teapot Mountain on Taiwan’s north coast has to have some the most amazing views you can get for a day hike from Taipei City.  The hike begins in the rejuvenated Jinguashi Gold Ecological Park. I remember visiting this area years and just thinking how depressing it was, but it’s now fully open and makes for a nice place to visit especially in the morning when the crowds aren’t too bad. (more…)


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Yue Mei Keng Waterfall, Yilan

The Yue Mei Keng Waterfall in full flow

Richard Saunders let me know about the Yuemeikeng Waterfall sometime ago and he mentioned that it was a relatively unknown and hidden place and so when I visited last year, I decided not to write about it to try and keep it that way.  But now it has been discovered by the masses and the trail is well tagged and well beaten, I think it’s OK to write a quick post. (more…)

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Beidawushan 北大武山

Sunset near the Kuaigu Cabin

Having failed to get a permit in the Yushan National Park because of the snow season, we headed a little further south to Pingdong County to hike Beidawushan which is Taiwan’s southern most Baiyue (top one hundred mountain). In the past this was a reasonable 2 day hike, but a large landslide caused my Typhon Morakot means the trailhead is much lower and further back making it a much tougher walk. We did it in 2 days, but if you’ve got the time, I think 3 days would be more enjoyable.

Although it’s one of the smaller Baiyue (3092m), Beidawu is a mammoth rock that rises sharply from the ground. The strip of land that it lies on is only 80km from the west coast to the east coast and on fine days you can see both (or so I hear!) (more…)

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We’ve got two open hikes planned for February.  The first is to Snow Mountain on the 10th-12th and the second is to Dabajianshan on the 25th-27th.  February 27/28th are both holidays and so we’ve got a 4 day weekend then.

Snow Mountain is Taiwan’s second highest peak and a great climb.  Some amazing scenery!

Snow Mountain Facebook Event

Dabajianshan is probably Taiwan’s most distinctive mountain.  Look on the back of a $500NT note, that’s the one!  It’s a great 3 day hike to this huge mountain and back.

Dabajianshan Facebook Event

If you’re interested in joining us on either hike or on some gentler day trips around Taipei, then join the facebook group, Taiwan Adventures – Group Hikes.




Snow Mountain, Taiwan

Snow mountain - 雪山

Snow Mountain - 雪山

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The Taiwan Tourism Bureau have another competition on the go.  This time you need to write about a fun thing to do in Taiwan and provide 5 photographs.  There’s some good stuff on there, scooting through Taroko, wild camping, and lots of hiking including Daba and Yushan.  I wrote about Snow Mountain because I think it doesn’t get as much attention as Yushan despite it being a much more scenic hike.  However you can only write 100 words and so it was very difficult to say anything meaningful about it!  Hopefully my pictures will tell the story!  Here’s a link to it;


Hiking Snow Mountain


Enjoy and don’t forget to write about your favourite thing to do in Taiwan too!

Snow Mountain, Taiwan

Snow-capped peak of Snow Mountain in Taiwan

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The permit system for hiking in Taiwan is quite very confusing.  There are short, easy trails that do require permits, dangerous ones that don’t and to add to the confusion there are two types of permits but sometimes you only need one and then sometimes you need both!

So to clarify all of this, here is a guide; (more…)

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I recently took another trip to the remote mountain lake, Jialuohu 加羅湖 with Neil again.  This was our second trip here and both times have been fantastic.  Won’t write too much about the actual hike.  Anyone looking for details can find them on my original post – Jialuohu

Here’s a few photos from the trip. 

More photos from Neil here.


Jialuohu early morning


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