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Yue Mei Keng Waterfall, Yilan

The Yue Mei Keng Waterfall in full flow

Richard Saunders let me know about the Yuemeikeng Waterfall sometime ago and he mentioned that it was a relatively unknown and hidden place and so when I visited last year, I decided not to write about it to try and keep it that way.  But now it has been discovered by the masses and the trail is well tagged and well beaten, I think it’s OK to write a quick post. (more…)


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Nenggao Historic Trail

A view of Nenggao Mountain on the Central Mountain Range of Taiwan

Neil and I revisited the Nenggao Historic Trail this weekend taking a group of 7 people with us.  This was a first go at guiding people on an over-nighter and we were lucky enough to have great company, weather and some fabulous views near the top of the Cilai South Peak.  It was a great weekend out away from the cities and into nature.


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Baiyang Waterfall -  白楊瀑布

The Baiyang Waterfall and suspension bridge

The fantastic Baiyang Waterfall trail in Taroko Gorge was once an easy walk along a flat wide road, but since the mountain above the first tunnel collapsed, it’s now a much harder and longer climb to get there.  The trail began it’s life back in 1984 when the Taipower Company built the road to explore the valley’s potential for hydroelectric power.  Outrage at the planned damming and diversion of water led to the project being shelved and finally abandoned in 1986 when Taroko Gorge regained its national park status.  The road was then opened up to the public as a hiking trail.


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The Taiwan Tourism Bureau have another competition on the go.  This time you need to write about a fun thing to do in Taiwan and provide 5 photographs.  There’s some good stuff on there, scooting through Taroko, wild camping, and lots of hiking including Daba and Yushan.  I wrote about Snow Mountain because I think it doesn’t get as much attention as Yushan despite it being a much more scenic hike.  However you can only write 100 words and so it was very difficult to say anything meaningful about it!  Hopefully my pictures will tell the story!  Here’s a link to it;


Hiking Snow Mountain


Enjoy and don’t forget to write about your favourite thing to do in Taiwan too!

Snow Mountain, Taiwan

Snow-capped peak of Snow Mountain in Taiwan

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Like This!

This weekend we shot down to Chiayi straight after work for a fantastic 2 day excursion in the mountains near Alishan.  The scenery and hiking were second to none taking in a beautiful peak (Luchushan 鹿屈山) with views of a snow-capped Yushan, an earthquake created-lake (Shuiyang Forest 水漾森林) and an enormous cave, fittingly called the thousand people cave (Qianrendong 千人洞).

Chiayi Hike - 嘉義

The Thousand People Cave


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