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Like This!

Rivertracing, near Wanli

This was the second time we’ve been to this spot.  The first time we actually found it by accident.  Our intention was to go to a completely different place but we couldn’t find it and so we just settled on anywhere, anywhere being next to the Dixi bridge.  This time was pretty much the same!  Not finding the river we where looking for, we decided to revisit this one. (more…)

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Danshui Bike Ride

Enjoying the views at Danshui

I recently got myself a new bike and so I was keen to get out on it this weekend.  I did the graveyard run a couple of weeks back and it was great, apart from the mental stray dogs. However, this weekend I wasn’t in the mood for climbing hills and so a nice easy ride along the riverside park up to Danshui seemed like the perfect alternative. (more…)

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Wai Niao Zui Shan
After a couple of rainy weekends, we were desperate to get out of Taipei. And when the weather looked like picking up, we all jumped at the chance to get on the bikes and head towards the mountains.  The place of choice this time was Neiwan 內灣. (more…)

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