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Yangmingshan, the national park closest to Taipei, is most famous for it’s hiking and breath-taking views, but it is also a great place for rivertracing.  The Touqian River 頭前溪 to the north-east of the park is a particularly beautiful place to cool down and challenge yourself climbing some big waterfalls.

Touqian Rivertracing

Ross plunges into a pool of water whilst rivertracing the Touqian River



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I recently took another trip to the remote mountain lake, Jialuohu 加羅湖 with Neil again.  This was our second trip here and both times have been fantastic.  Won’t write too much about the actual hike.  Anyone looking for details can find them on my original post – Jialuohu

Here’s a few photos from the trip. 

More photos from Neil here.


Jialuohu early morning


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