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We’ve got two open hikes planned for February.  The first is to Snow Mountain on the 10th-12th and the second is to Dabajianshan on the 25th-27th.  February 27/28th are both holidays and so we’ve got a 4 day weekend then.

Snow Mountain is Taiwan’s second highest peak and a great climb.  Some amazing scenery!

Snow Mountain Facebook Event

Dabajianshan is probably Taiwan’s most distinctive mountain.  Look on the back of a $500NT note, that’s the one!  It’s a great 3 day hike to this huge mountain and back.

Dabajianshan Facebook Event

If you’re interested in joining us on either hike or on some gentler day trips around Taipei, then join the facebook group, Taiwan Adventures – Group Hikes.




Snow Mountain, Taiwan

Snow mountain - 雪山

Snow Mountain - 雪山


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The permit system for hiking in Taiwan is quite very confusing.  There are short, easy trails that do require permits, dangerous ones that don’t and to add to the confusion there are two types of permits but sometimes you only need one and then sometimes you need both!

So to clarify all of this, here is a guide; (more…)

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Like This!

Yushan, also known as Jade Mountain, is the tallest peak in Taiwan and the tallest in Northeast Asia.  It is a beast of a mountain and from a distance, looks near impossible to climb but in reality, apart from the last 400m, it’s not too bad, providing you’re in shape and the weather is kind to you!

Yushan - Jade Mountain

Hikers enjoy the sunrise on top of Yushan


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Pingxi 坪溪 is rapidly becoming my favourite place for hiking. This is the third time that I’ve been hiking in this area and each time has been great. The mountains that surround Pingxi just look awesome and are fantastic to climb. There are really craggy peaks and huge ridges that just drop for hundreds of metres. (more…)

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