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Beidawushan 北大武山

Sunset near the Kuaigu Cabin

Having failed to get a permit in the Yushan National Park because of the snow season, we headed a little further south to Pingdong County to hike Beidawushan which is Taiwan’s southern most Baiyue (top one hundred mountain). In the past this was a reasonable 2 day hike, but a large landslide caused my Typhon Morakot means the trailhead is much lower and further back making it a much tougher walk. We did it in 2 days, but if you’ve got the time, I think 3 days would be more enjoyable.

Although it’s one of the smaller Baiyue (3092m), Beidawu is a mammoth rock that rises sharply from the ground. The strip of land that it lies on is only 80km from the west coast to the east coast and on fine days you can see both (or so I hear!) (more…)

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Like This!

Dabajianshan 大霸尖山 is one of the most distinctive peaks in the whole of Taiwan.  It’s barrel-like shape thrusts upwards, looking impossible to climb. It has fascinated people for centuries and even the local aboriginal tribe, the Attyal, believe that Daba is a holy mountain.


Heading back towards Dabajianshan


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This was one of the hardest hikes I’ve done. The sixiu (四秀) is made up of four peaks, Taoshan, Kelayeshan, Chiyoushan and Pintianshan. We planned to visit three of them over two days but the weather conspired against us and we only made it to two. (more…)

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