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The Four Beasts 四獸山 are four small mountains in the Xinyi district that overlook Taipei city and Taipei 101. Separately they’re called Elephant, Leopard, Lion and Tiger mountain (象山、豹山、獅山、虎山). Rising up higher and behind the beasts are the peaks of Nangang mountain and Jiuwufeng.



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We finally made in back to Taipei late last night after four fantastic days of travelling down the east coast of Taiwan. We’ve all had a great time and looking back on it, it’s amazing just how much we managed to fit into only four days.

Eventually, when we’re all sorted out and fully recovered, I’ll publish an itinerary of what we did with details so that if anyone is interested in doing any of the activities will be able to use it as a guide.

In the meantime here are the videos and don’t forget to check back soon for the final video!!!

Thanks for all the support!

Day 1 Hualien – Rivertracing, the Ami harvest festival and the Nanbin night market.

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This is a tough, tough hike, especially in the heat of the summer. We decided to head here after reading Richard Saunder’s article about the source of the Keelung river in the China Post. It sounded interesting and I found a map with a circular route we could follow up to the peak of Shidi Guan Yin Mountain 石底觀音山 and back down to the 106. (more…)

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