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Tapung Castle - 李棟山古堡

The front gate of Tapung Fort

The Tapung Fort at the top of Lidong Mountain is a fascinating relic of Taiwan’s past.  It was built by the then occupying Japanese army as a way to control the local Atayl tribes and, even though only the walls and main entrance survive,  it still provides an intriguing glimpse into just how far the Japanese went to gain control over the island. (more…)


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Qixingshan by night

The moon was exceptionally bright and we didn't even need torches to walk up the trail

Qixingshan, otherwise known as Seven Star mountain, is the highest peak in the Yangmingshan national park.  This area is very different to most mountains around Taipei because there are very few trees and the trail is almost entirely exposed to the elements.  This means it can be a painful hike to do in the heat of the summer but it also means that you get fantastic 360° views from the peak. (more…)

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