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Teapot and Banping Sept 2012

Teapot Mountain as seen from Banping Mountain

Teapot Mountain on Taiwan’s north coast has to have some the most amazing views you can get for a day hike from Taipei City.  The hike begins in the rejuvenated Jinguashi Gold Ecological Park. I remember visiting this area years and just thinking how depressing it was, but it’s now fully open and makes for a nice place to visit especially in the morning when the crowds aren’t too bad. (more…)

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I often get people asking for good day trip hikes to do in and around Taipei so I thought I’d write about my own top 5.  They’re in no particular order and each one is very different and in terms of terrain and difficulty.  All can be done in a day by public transport with the exception of Beichatianshan.

Taipei 101 from Longshandong

One of the many views of Taipei 101 from the Four Beasts


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