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Taiwan Adventures The Oneline Guide

It’s been a hectic and crazy year for us, but finally our comprehensive online guides to Taiwan are finally ready.  Myself, Neil Wade, Ross Tweedie and my brother, Phil Dawson have spent the last 8 months or so building the two guides.  There is one in English and one that we have had translated into Chinese.

It’s been hard work to say the least.  Working full time jobs and then spending the evenings writing and the weekends travelling and visiting places, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.  It gave me a real kick up the arse to get out there and visit some of the places that I had been meaning to go to for a long time but had never gotten round to.

Some of my personal highlights include Guguan which I knew nothing about but absolutely loved, especially the hiking, getting the car stuck in snow at the top of Hehuanshan,  and motorcycling up and down the east coast between Hualien and Taidong with Neil this summer.

Each guide is divided up into 5 main areas, Taipei, north, east, south and central and then each area is divided up into specific places, such as Kending, the North East Coast or Danshui/Bali.  You can use the site to search for what’s near you or to plan a trip to another part of Taiwan or simply browse through the categories for things that interest you.

We have some 900 places listed including hotels, hikes, hot springs, transport etc.  Each place is listed on a google map and the address is in Chinese and English to make it easier to find.

Hopefully next week the mobile app version will be released in the itunes store and each area will be available for download to your iphone, ipad, or ipod. The app version will have online and offline maps so getting directions will be even easier and there are some 2000 photographs included.  We will continuously update the app and so, unlike a guide book, you won’t have to wait 3 years to pay for a new version., the update be available for free!

We hope that people find these guides useful and we’d love to hear some feedback about how we can improve them – info at taiwan-adventures dot com

 Iphone app guide to Taiwan

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At long last, after a busy month for all of us, we’ve finally been able to sit down and put the finishing touches to our final video! The last stage of voting begins on the 1st of October and runs until the end of that month. After that it’ll be a tense wait until the 15th of November, when the winners of the million dollar prize will be announced.

Hopefully by putting this together, we’ve been able to inspire more people to get out there and enjoy the best parts of Taiwan, it’s moutains, rivers and jungles. And we’d all like to thank everyone for their continuing support especially all the people who helped us out all the way on the trip.

Cheers! And enjoy!

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We finally made in back to Taipei late last night after four fantastic days of travelling down the east coast of Taiwan. We’ve all had a great time and looking back on it, it’s amazing just how much we managed to fit into only four days.

Eventually, when we’re all sorted out and fully recovered, I’ll publish an itinerary of what we did with details so that if anyone is interested in doing any of the activities will be able to use it as a guide.

In the meantime here are the videos and don’t forget to check back soon for the final video!!!

Thanks for all the support!

Day 1 Hualien – Rivertracing, the Ami harvest festival and the Nanbin night market.

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I blogged earlier last week about Taiwan’s best trip in the world competition and after a crazy weekend of filming and running around the hills surrounding Taipei, we’ve finally got our group video up! We would very much appreciate your support and if you’d like to vote for us you can check out this link Formosa Adventurers – Thanks!!
About us

We’re all long term residents of Taiwan who have a great passion for traveling around this fantastic island we call home. We genuinely feel that Taiwan is a wonderful place to visit and live and we hope we can have the opportunity to promote Taiwan to the rest of the world. Between us we have four blogs and you can visit them by following the links below.

Phil – Taiwan Travel Diary
Neil – Neil Wade’s Photography Blog and Neil Wade’s Website
Stu – Hiking Taiwan – the one you’re looking at now!

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Following the success of Australia’s “best job in the world” competition, the Taiwan tourism bureau has decided to create a similar competition.

The preliminary round involves coming up with a four day plan to travel around Taiwan. Team’s have to make a video introducing themselves and then put that on the net. Each team is judged upon the feasibility of (more…)

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