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Finally I got some time to get on my bike and go for a long ride. The weather this Monday was beautiful and so I dragged myself out of bed and headed out towards Shenkeng 深坑, a small town famed for it’s stinky tofu. From there I carried on to Pinglin 坪林 and then looped back around to Xindian 新店 and Taipei.

Ride to Pinglin

A cherry blosoom tree and prayer flags



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This a very short hike, maybe only ten minutes if you drive to the trail head but in the summer I’ll take any opportunity to get wet and cool off! To get there follow the 106 from Taipei towards Shen Keng. Just before a Formosa petrol station, there is a betel nut stand on the right, this is where you need to turn right. Follow the signposts for the Paozilun trail 炮子崙. (more…)

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