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Returned  to Snow Mountain this weekend in the hope of seeing some snow.  There wasn’t as much as last year, but the trail through the black forest and up the cirque to the peak had a fair amount as well as a lot of ice.  My new 12-point crampons served me well and there was no problem in getting the top to enjoy some fabulous views, even if it was a little chilly!

I’m just going to post of pics of the trip here.  Information about doing this hike can be found on my original Snow Mountain post. Also Barking Deer can help with organising permits/guided trips.

Snow Mountain, Taiwan

Sunrise from the East Peak of Snow Mountain was exceptioanlly beautiful



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Like This!

I blogged about climbing Snow Mountain during the winter earlier in the year so I won’t write many details of the hike.  Last time we went, the mountain was covered in deep snow and despite our best efforts we didn’t get to the top, just shy by 300m.  This time we got a permit at the last minute to be in the 369 hut for Friday night which meant that we had to drive to Wuling Farm after work, hike up to 369 at night, sleep for a few hours (earplugs recommended) then get up, hit the peak and come down on Saturday.  We got lucky with the weather.  It was cool and dry and we made it up and down ok but I would suggest to anyone wanting to do this hike to add an extra day/night.

Snow Mountain - 雪山


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