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Beichatian is in my opinion one of the best days hikes you can do in the north of Taiwan. It’s high, 1700m+, and a tough hike, especially if the weather is bad but the scenery and the challenge more than make up for it.

The last time I came to Beichatian was during the summer when I hiked from Manyueyuan 滿月圓.  It was really hard work in the heat but I enjoyed it immensely.  When we got near to the top a park ranger of sorts chatted with us and mentioned that the hike could also be done from Xiao Wulai 小烏來.

Bei Cha Tian Shan
The forest near the beginning of the trail


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North ChaTian Mountain 北插天山 is one of Northern Taiwan’s most well known mid-range mountains. It is famous for the autumnal colours of leaves that aren’t normally seen in Taiwan at lower elevations. However, it is also well known as a good place to practice and train for high mountain hikes. (more…)

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